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Alpha Psi Chapter | University of Mississippi | PO Box 1300 Oxford, MS 38655


How did being a member of a Panhellenic organization give you a chance to enhance

your leadership skills? Do you have an example?

Volunteering for different activities and leading an Anchor Splash team were excellent ways to practice leadership skills.




How did being a member of a Panhellenic organization teach you to work with

and collaborate with others? Do you have an example?

Going through recruitment as both a PNM, then as a Delta Gamma, solidified so many life skills that I use constantly today. Important skills such as working with a team for a united goal, meeting people and igniting connections, working as late as needed, picking up slack, and working under immense pressure have all been tremendous assets.


Can you think of a time, either in college or after, when your DG sisters were there for you,

to lift you up in a time of need or to celebrate with you in a time of joy?

Countless. My best friends, to this very day, are all DGs. I talk every day to at least 6 of my Delta Gamma sisters. My most frequent house guests in NYC are DGs, and whether I am sad or celebrating, I always seem to find a note in the mail or flowers at my apartment from a sister. Those are my friends for life - they are irreplaceable, I can’t imagine life without them. I’m also very lucky that my little sister Alexandra pledged DG at Alpha Psi a few years ago, too, so my little sister is also my Delta Gamma sister.


What advice would you give to collegiate women who aspire to enter the professional world and do good?


Intern as much as you can, at as many places as you can! Interning is so crucial to getting the job you want. When I started interviewing for jobs, everyone cared about my experience - and the best way to get experience at a young age is interning. In college I would spend hours researching internships and reaching out to companies to inquire about internships if none were listed. You’d be surprised what you can get if you just ask. My other piece of advice is to listen well and ask questions - I have had a handful of amazing female mentors who I learned so much from because I listened attentively and asked them questions - a lot of questions!


What is your favorite DG memory?

Honestly, the entire year that I lived in the DG house - that year was so full of memories, bonding, and togetherness.

I would move back in tomorrow if I had the chance!

madeline noal

New York, New York

Public Relations Manager at Chantecaille, an international luxury skincare and cosmetics company based in New York