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Alpha Psi Chapter | University of Mississippi | PO Box 1300 Oxford, MS 38655


How did being a member of a Panhellenic organization give you a chance

to enhance your leadership skills? Do you have an example?

While at Ole Miss I served as Delta Gamma’s Recruitment Records vice-chair and a Panhellenic representative. Today I serve the Alpha Psi chapter as a Recruitment adviser. Understanding and sharing the positive benefits of a lifelong sorority sisterhood throughout your life is rewarding. With my parents, Delta Gamma also encouraged me with leadership responsibility, be accountable to others, and make hard decisions when necessary for the greater good, be philanthropic to causes in my communities, participate in service projects with local charities and hosting social events to develop friendship camaraderie further. Multi-tasking and creating balance are crucial to productive leadership. Being a Delta Gamma Recruitment adviser gives me the opportunity to share the benefits of my sorority lifetime experiences to our Alpha Psi chapter members.




How did being a member of a Panhellenic organization teach you to work

with and collaborate with others? Do you have an example?

Collegiate living and interreacting daily with many girls in the Delta Gamma house, determining the many facets of defining your sorority’s sisterhood takes serious collaboration and communication. Our fraternity is proud to recruit potential new members with the diversity of backgrounds, skill sets, talents, and values we represent. Delta Gamma is like my business prototype; new employees must reflect a company’s values to succeed.  In sorority life like a business, if you can understand each person’s strengths, you’re more likely to use those strengths in a capacity that helps everyone have accelerated self-esteem. These skills can translate into every part of life and especially in business when you are working with many different people with different skills sets trying to achieve a common goal. In my many years of business, this early life lesson has translated into a prototype for understanding business relationships and genuine friendships.


How did being a member of a Panhellenic organization help you get to where you are today?

Serving on collegian and alumnae leadership roles in Delta Gamma has been hands-on training for much essential life and business skills. Not only at my collegiate level, but from our Chapter members whom I interact with on an advisory level. We have shared many interactive beneficial life lessons we can learn from each other. Delta Gamma cultivates a sisterhood for continued growth and accountability at any age.


Can you think of a time, either in college or after, when your DG sisters were there for you,

to lift you in a time of need or to celebrate with you in a time of joy?

When my Mom passed away unexpectantly three years ago, there was an immediate outpouring of love from my sorority sisters.  Looking up from the church pulpit at my Mom’s funeral service I was met with many eyes of my Delta Gamma sisters who lined the pews and had flown or driven great distances to support me through this very difficult time.  In the days to follow, I received many tokens of love from my sisters. Delta Gamma is forever my extended family.


What advice would you give to collegiate women who aspire

to enter the professional world and do good?

Connecting with Delta Gamma sisters and alumni is a great way to build up a network of personal, professional and philanthropic connections before or after you graduate. Whatever city you live in, join the local alumnae group.  If you do not, this will be your loss. These women will be your friends and family unconditionally.


What is your favorite DG memory?

Living in the Delta Gamma house, dorm or apartments with my sisters.  When you live with your sisters, you get to experience everything with them.  Learning to live with a group of your best friends will teach you more about your sisters than you would ever know otherwise. The shared stories and secrets seem never to be forgotten when we are together.  With a span of seven classes, we have a Delta Gamma travel group, and remain steadfast to create new memories, reminiscing our old stories continually, still with the oath of secrecy!

Naples, Florida from Savannah, Tennessee

Gallien Global Vision (Chairman), Insouth Bank (Director), Ole Miss Women’s Council (Chairman), National Domestic Violence Board

Mary Susan gallien clinton